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Legal Sports Betting in Oklahoma

An occasional thrill is just what many sports bettors crave, but it can become a chore without the proper research. Oklahoma State University boasts one of the top sports programs in the world. Head Coach Bob Stoops has instilled a winning attitude into his student athletes, and has used these students to develop professional athletes ready for the sports industry. As a result, Oklahoma State is a perennial contender for national college football titles. This has earned Stoops the reputation as one of the top coaches in the nation.

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Thanks to the tireless work of its student-athletes and the guidance of legendary coach Bob Stoops, Oklahoma State has some of the top ranked athletes in the nation. Daily sports betting report (6-7 a.m. ET, ESPN2), which covers the entire playing season, helps educate the general sports fan with in depth analysis and news from sports betting’s leading publications. In addition to sports betting picks, the sports betting report also features news on injuries, training camps, and coaching changes. As part of the NCAA’s sports betting initiative, the school held a sports betting workshop for state legislators in March of 2021.

According to Governor Mike Pence, Oklahoma sports betting is a “risky” investment. He has stated that gambling is not regulated by the state and that there are “lagging” federal laws regarding sports betting which leaves the issue open to individuals who wish to wager large amounts. However, the state is in the middle of reviewing bills which could legalized sports betting in 2021. If passed, it will be the second state in the United States to legalize betting. The lone state to do so is New Jersey.

The upcoming November midterm elections could be a turning point for legalized sports wagering in Oklahoma. Although the primary goal for supporters is to have the law regulated, many view it as an opportunity to run against incumbent lawmakers. Two of the most likely contenders to win the election are Senator John Cornyn and Representative James Lankford. Both have expressed support for legalized sports wagering. If the two seats are contested, it will be interesting to see which one of them can win by securing a majority.

Since legalized sports betting in Oklahoma is expected to be on the ballot in the upcoming midterm elections, now is a good time for Oklahoma political campaign finance experts to come out in support of the initiative. Already several prominent politicians, including Senator James Lankford and Governor Mary Fallin, have announced their support. Oklahoma is a state that does not have a strong Republican presence. In fact, only three of the nine members of the state legislature are Republicans. If more Republicans come out in support of the regulation of sports betting in Oklahoma, it will provide an opening for Democrats to take control of the statehouse.

While no specific number has been mentioned as to when the regulation of sports betting in Oklahoma will be enacted, the first official date is slated for July 1st,2021. As soon as that date comes, Oklahoma will join a large number of states which allow legalized gambling. The other new states which will enact legislation this year include Montana, North Dakota, New Hampshire, and New Mexico. While all these states are passing legislation, it is still unknown when the first legal sports bets will be permitted at a casino resort. At this point in time, Oklahoma is still waiting for its license to open for casino gambling. According to the terms of the law, the state will need to pass a majority of valid petitions before it can be formally approved.

If the law goes into effect as planned, it will be interesting to monitor how many casinos (and hence, gambling venues) start to appear in the state. By opening up the market to legal sports betting, the gaming commission will have to attract a number of prospective clients. If the commission fails to do so, the new laws could seriously hurt the state’s tourism industry and take away from its revenue. In addition to the gaming commission, the state of Oklahoma will likely need to attract an additional five gambling licenses from the five different gambling establishments that currently operate within the state.

In a recent article by ESPN, Oklahoma State Representative Debbie Schaffer talked about the impact of the new law on legal sports betting in Oklahoma. According to Schaffer, the new measure could make it harder for people to place bets on Oklahoma City NBA, NFL and college football games. This could negatively impact the local economy. However, Oklahoma does not yet have official numbers on how many individuals and businesses have yet taken loans or lines of credit to place bets on sports events held at a casino resort. Based on the number of individuals who take loans and lines of credit to place bets on sports matches in the area, the number may well be quite a few. Schaffer concluded that the measures introduced by the state are aimed at protecting the interests of the gambling establishments more than individuals and should be able to help increase the level of gambling in Oklahoma City.