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Should US Senators Get Involved With Legalized Sports Betting?

In today’s day and age, sports betting is a big business, and many different sports can be bet on throughout the world. Many major sporting events are held across the United States, from football to baseball and basketball to ice hockey. There are also several different types of betting, with each based on different factors. Most sports betting comes in the form of greyhound racing, with the greyhounds either winning or losing the race. Greyhound betting is one of the more popular sports betting options in the US, and New York has been known as a great place to do this.

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Although sports betting is legal in New York, activity is limited to the state, with only the two commercial and tribal casinos allowed to participate. Prior to its adoption by the State of New York, sports betting had been largely unregulated, with no regulation of its conduct whatsoever. In some cities such as New Jersey, an act was passed which banned sports betting within city limits. As a result, most cities did not allow betting on most professional sporting events. New York was one of the very first states to enact legislation legalizing sports betting, and until now, no greyhound races held within the state have ever been banned.

In June of 2018, New York will once again host the NCAA men’s and women’s Division I soccer championships, bringing the major sports betting action to the New York area for the first time since the act approved sports betting in New York. New York has long been a popular place for sports bettors, thanks to its placement on the second tier of American professional sport. This includes the New York Yankees, the New York Giants, and the New York Rangers, all of which are owned and operated by a sports betting firm based in New York.

New York is not the only American city that has hosted large-scale sports betting events in recent years. Las Vegas, Nevada, is another sports betting mecca where professional gamblers visit to place bets on any number of different games. In addition to professional teams and international teams, Las Vegas is also home to many live casinos, which offer the chance for VIP members to partake in “special” type events. For example, the world’s largest casino, which is called the Bellagio, is also home to the annual Caesars Party, a weekend of betting and dancing that attracts hundreds of VIPs.

As part of preparations for the 2018 World Cup FIFA, which will be held in Brazil, the New York State Gaming Commission has issued a public notice inviting sports betting license holders to apply for a new sports betting license in New York. The announcement did not mention the capitol “Paspa”. However, the term Paspa is an acronym for “Plan A” and suggests that the gaming commission is trying to tighten the no- Wagering-in-adium-option rules. New York has long had one of the strictest gambling blackout areas in the United States, and it was recently found that the blackout laws were being relaxed to allow sports betting by owners of hotel rooms. In addition to the potential problem with the law requiring spectators to have cash in their pockets, the lack of an official definition of Wagering in the New York State legislature is problematic. If the law requiring proof of wage income as a precondition to gambling is weakened further, that means that only professional gamblers can participate.

The Paspa proposal would eliminate the need for proof of wage income in New York to open sports betting casinos and eliminate a part of the definition of Wagering that has long applied to the New York State Supreme Court. The United States Supreme Court has interpreted the law as requiring proof of wagering and therefore is preventing a casino from opening which offers chance betting. However, if the state Gaming Commission eliminates the requirement of proof of income, the law on wagering in the New York State Supreme Court would be in effect without any interference from Congress.

As the U.S. House and Senate move closer to passing the Paspa Bill in the Senate and President Bush prepares to make his announcement regarding the Upstate New York sports betting scene, Gov. George Pataki is considering going to work on the controversial issue with the United States Supreme Court. According to the Buffalo News-Miner, “He hasn’t made a final decision, but he’s leaning toward yes.” In addition to Gov. Pataki, some members of the Senate are supporting the idea of removing the requirement of proof of income in New York. This would allow sports book owners and sports bettors across the nation to participate in the sports betting process without having to prove their legal wages.

There is no doubt that the U.S. Congress will attempt to intervene in the sports betting market at some point, whether it is through a sports betting bill or some other type of legislative change. If there is ever an attempt to regulate wagering in-person, it will most likely face an immediate rejection by members of both parties in both houses. The chances of such a move by U.S. lawmakers is slim, especially after the recent controversy over the House’s proposed regulation of Internet gambling. The House passed a bill in May that would have legalized online gambling but has yet to send it to the Senate for a vote. With a tight race for the presidential nomination in 2008, it may be left up to Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) to introduce legislation to regulate wagering in the U.S.